Discover Top 5 Chinese New Year 2014 San Francisco Events, Fireworks and Parade

Chinese New Year 2014 San Francisco. You would probably know that Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco is one of the largest and most colorful events, not just in California but in the whole world.

The Chinese New Year arrives a month late to its global counterpart – that is on January 31st. But the Chinese New Year 2014 San Francisco celebration parade is on February 15.

It is not just the parade that awaits you in San Francisco during the Chinese New Year. There is a flower show, beauty contest, marathon run, community fair and much more. We start with the parade. Here are something that you probably do not about the parade.

Chinese New Year 2014 San Francisco

1.) The Parade trivia

The Chinese New Year 2014 San Francisco parade is the latest of a tradition that began on 1840s. The parade had been there even before the advent of the gold rush, which brought a sizeable Chinese population to these parts.

The parade will have hundreds of floats that showcase both the Chinese and the US cultures. The prime attraction will be near-30-foot golden dragon that will be pulled by about a 100 people.

You just need to turn up on the Chinatown, Jackson or Kearny Street to watch the parade. You will have to book tickets if you want seats at convenient locations.

2.) Flower Market Fair

The flower show will be conducted in an open air market in China Town on January 25 and 26. There will be hundreds of flowers, plants, candies and fruits on offer.

3.) Beauty Contest

Miss. China Town will be selected during the contest, which is scheduled on February 8 at Palace of Fine Arts Theater in Lyon Street. Entry is by ticket only.

4.) China Town Run

If you love running, there is this 10-km China Town Run for you. It starts at 8 am on February 9.

5.) Community Fair

If you want to buy some memorabilia or some traditional Chinese items, head straight to the Community Fair at various streets of China Town. The fair will be on February 15 and 16.

Is there anything special you would like to recommend us to buy at the Chinese New Year 2014 San Francisco Parade?

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