Chinese New Year 2013 Exact Date & Public Holiday for All Countries


The Year of Dragon is bidding farewell soon and the Snake zodiac is here to greet the New Year with its wise and enigmatic vibes! 

Lunar Chinese New Year 2013 will be marked with even greater appreciation for the close shave from 2012 prediction where you can expect more exciting activities to follow suit. So when is Chinese New Year 2013 exact date to begin with?”

“While you may be prepared to give yourself an extended holiday with an earlier break, knowing the official Chinese New Year 2013 public holiday across the globe will make planning your getaway easier!”

RE: Your Guide To A Hassle-Free  Lunar New Year

Dear Festive Souls,

Chinese New Year 2013 Public Holiday

Chinese New Year 2013 Exact Date & Public Holiday for All Countries

Though Christmas and New Year is still some time away, most of our minds have inadvertently wandered to the thoughts of uproaring lion dances and ear-splitting sounds of fire crackers. Yes, we’re not going to hold back anymore… The upcoming Spring Festival will officially be on Sunday, 10 February 2013! So what plans do you have in mind?

Planning For Getaway

While Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days, the mood tends to set in weeks earlier and dissipate way past Lantern Festival on 24th February 2013. If you have all the time up your sleeve for an extended holiday, you’d definitely have more destination choices in hand.

Though Malaysia and Singapore only has 2 days off beginning 10 February 2013. the ambience is absolutely joyful especially on the 15th day mark in Malaysia, where the young and singles flock to rivers, the ladies tossing tangerines with their contacts inscribed on it and their prospective white knights fetching from the other side.

If you’re flocking to where the holiday birds are, expect your visit to Hong Kong, Macau, China and South Korea to be a busy one as they publicly celebrates for 3 days beginning 10 February too. People-traffic aside, the Nine Dragon wall at Bai Hai Park, Beijing is quite a draw to many tourists. And if you like night skyline, fly over to Hong Kong and immerse in bountiful fireworks with stores and houses alike decorated in red drapes and lanterns.

Celebrations in Vietnam and Taiwan is even merrier with 4 official days off each where their 15th day is commemorated with lantern-making and displays alongside sweet delicacies of glutinous rice dumplings to usher the atmosphere.

Although Chinese New year 2013 public holiday is not allocated in Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia and Japan since they’re never gazetted, the festive climate is no less merry and places no less crowded. So, pre-book your flights to whichever destination and you’ll have one thing less to worry.

Not to mentions that GREAT atmosphere of Chinese New Year at USA America Chinese Populated Town like Chicago, Los Angeles and Nyc. There are great celebration within the town too.

But the real bonus is everyone would get an extra holiday since the 1st day of new lunar falls on Sunday, if no last-minute changes of course!

Returning To Beloved Family

Nothing feels more alleviating than going home to the warm and caring hands of family particularly during festive seasons. And the folks at hometown would be engrossed in Spring Cleaning to make the house dust-free to usher a new beginning. For the Chinese, it’ll be an episode of bumper-to-bumper crawls or mad dash at airports and bus stations unless they book ahead and leave early.

But most people are just as contented being part of the festive rush atmosphere, expecting even more shoulder-rubbing affairs at brimming eateries, jam-packed stores and supermarkets to stock up on F&Bs like fizzy drinks, dried meat, chicken floss and tangerine as well as crowded banks to exchange new notes to fill red packets for their unmarried children and visiting kids.

But the most awaited moment will be the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner where family members gather at home to feast on auspicious dishes such as fishes that symbolize年年有余(may there be surplus yearly), dumplings that equates to fortune cookies, brown sugar glutinous rice signifying年糕 (progressing every year).

Staying Behind

If for any reason you’re staying behind this year, it doesn’t mean you need to endure a dull holiday. Simply kick up the tradition right at your faraway home with your friends! Go buy some Peach Blossoms to accentuate your luck in romance, prosperity and health or Plum Blossoms that denotes trustworthiness and determination.

On Chinese New Year 2013 exact date, which is 10th February worldwide, don on red traditional costumes and video-call home to your families to utter auspicious wishes. Exchange gifts with your friends and pay a visit or two to your closest Chinese neighbors with your mates. Just remember no sweeping/mopping, no washing hair on first day and you’ll be on a good start.

While some countries will be the focal point of festive travelers, some countries merely celebrates in much smaller scale. But if there’s local Chinatown to visit, you’ll still get the opportunity to immerse in the joyful vibes!

Are you ready to embrace the mood too?

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